New stock

Its always one of my favourite days, delivery day.

I have had over 400 new items delivered and now comes the mammoth task of getting them all Quality checked, photographed and added to the website.

I do all this myself, whilst having a day time job and 2 children age 3 and 1.

The last 12 months have been a mixture of excitement, fun, highs and lows. Hopefully soon we will start to get some of our ‘normal Life’ back.

So many people have asked why I have this business, well I want to be able to give some joy to people who really love ‘That Bag’ But don’t quite love the price tag. I have been there, over stretched myself for that luxury item. My bags and accessories are 100% genuine, some are shelf pulls so can be be perfectly imperfect.

I recently saw a well known shop selling the same item for more than double the price I do. I wondered how they could do that and realised its all in a name, That brand. So now I want to build my brand, I want to be the place you come for, for that luxury item but you don’t overstretch yourself.

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